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Welcome to the home of G4CDN


Back to Ham Radio after a break of 35 years.

With my love for 2m CW and SSB operating in the 1970's/80's and 80m DX, on returning to amature radio I was totally surprised to find the changes to this beautiful hobby. So much of the listening is now done on the internet. Watching spots, muf charts, Aurora maps, etc etc . The use of software for weak signal, MS, and EME. Data modes, WoW so much to catch up with.



Mp3 by OK1TEH of one of our CW 2m Tropo contacts

22.09.13 19:58 144333 G4CDN 599 599 JO02SS 943 +mp3

News n stuff

March 2016

replaced 18m tower with 24m. Beko linear for 144

Removed loop balun on LFA's and replaced with ferrite on feed point. Removed pawsey stubs.

Spid RAS rotator fitted

June 2015- Sequencer burnt out, now out of line

26th Aug 2013 -

Ordered new 2m Preamp with .35 db NF( current .9 db NF). Now looking for a QRO Coaxial relay and to shorten phasing lines + change to Ecoflex 15 to save .1 db. Remove sequencer ( It gets warm ) from line and change output valve from Gs31b to GS35b for better thermal stability. Plus remove 70cm yagi from between 4x9el 2m bay and retune 9el LFA's to improve matching. Solder N connectors inner core to power meter ( it also gets hot). New key board needed to lower shack qrm. Ordered more ferrite and screened cables for rig. RX line from preamp EcoFlex 15 direct to K3 rear. Hope to carry out this work over the next 4 weeks.

Working HB9Q at -7 dbs off the moon with moon at 30 degs elevation.


JR3REX at -12 dbs off the moon

New Dell 27 in Monitor RFI now at new time low.

21st Aug 2013 wk'd Z35Z FSK 2m for a new DXCC Dime was running 140w to a 7 el.

13th Aug 2013 144Mhz E's to EA and EA9

12th Aug 2013 - Perseid meteor shower

My new ODX via 144Mhz Meteor Scatter Ivan RA3WDKat 2,342 Km

The top line of the screen shows SM3A coming onto the freq after which he kindly moved.


Screen shot from RA3WDK



144 Mhz MS at 3090 Km with EA8TJ !! no contact but info Rx'ed both ends ! True ?????



6th-7th July 2013 - Briiliant tropo mixed with VHF field day. My first 70cm contact over 1000 km with just 20 Watts. Many contacts over 1000 km on 2m several over 1200 km and just a few at 1400 km to KN square

vhf field day

This is what 144.2 - 144.4 Mhz looked like at 8am Sunday morning 7th July during VHF field day beaming 95 degs with 4 x 9 el at 20m and Mast head preamp.

bad signal

One local but not so clean signal.

18th June 2013 - only one 9 el LFA at 20m - E on 2m almost made FSK with Victor R6AO at 3000 km .

14th June -new winch arrived still waiting H frame parts

10th June - mast lower to check tight cable, winch failed = 1 very bent H frame and two bent 9 el LFA's.

9th June - Sporadic E on 2m just caught the end 12 x EA's, CT and my first EA9 at 2000 km +, missed another EA9 as he could copy me with signals going quickly down.

7th June - +2000 km MS to give a UB5 his first G (always a nice contact) and his ODX 100w, and a few new squares.

1st June - Aurora opening at 0400 works SM's and LA's not so busy this time of the morning !

4-5th May 2013 - 144 Mhz and up contest poor tropo , OK's few and far between but enhanced by a fabulous MS shower with a high MUF. Worked on SSB YO3FFF/P in KN24 including complete contest exchange at S9 + due to Cris's good operating also IT, IS, I, EA plus partial with TA1 all on SSB. Many more on FSK, routine, but some like UR5NOY two complete 30 sec periods and loud !

1st April 2013 - Playing with funcube pro + , neat but the SRD is not at all a nice to use.

30th March 2013 - checked sun noise 4.5 dbs over quiet sky at 33 deg elevation .

2-3rd March 2013 - RSGB 144-432 Mhz contest on 2m after cherry picking and160 contact my logging program failed !!! not happy. Started with 15 HB9's, Sat night 2 EA/P 1,100km+ at 9+10dbs and Sunday 12 OK's several at 1,200 km + in JN99 ! Nice but no Log !

24th Feb 2013 - added link, plan your week with the new 3 day auroral forecast.

23rd Feb 2013 - Fitted TCXO ref Osc in K3 - RFI from P3 SVGA , ordered triple shielded cable.

22nd Feb 2013 - Ordered XV432 Elecraft Transverter to get QRV 70cm Tropo and EME

15th June 2012 - HB9DKM 144080.0 G4CDN JN37SL(AU>JO02SS 1806 15 Jul 2012


and HF - Elecraft K3 with Drake L7 on 40m CW with R8 Cushcraft vertical.

Seeing 200 Khz of 2m 144.2 to 144.4 Mhz during a big MS shower is magic during a contest, watching the display fill for 15 secs from end to end. My Elecraft P3 is a fantastic tool on 2m and one I would never want to be without.. Not the best picture below as I was beaming towards SM/OZ at the time but in the centre of the lower screen shows a 5 sec MS burst 144.2 - 144.4 Mhz .


My first EME QSO !


easy EME contact with VK3AXH via the moon using WSJT software.

144 Mhz MS FSK144 with G4CDN Jan 2013

US8ZAL - KN66AU 2,266Km 3/01/2013

9H1CG - JM75FW 2,127Km 4/01/2013


OH9HEW, YO5LD, HA6VV, LY,'s LZ's, YO's, YU's S58, RA1AW, UR7D, I,S EA, I, RA1WZ, YL3HA, RW1RY

9A5RJ, HA's, UR5WD, LA's SM's, SP's, OK, OE, HB9, F etc etc

Richard G4CDN

Current set up on 432Mhz

Elecraft K3 with XV432 20w to 24 el LFA at 18m fed with ecoflex 15

Current set up on 144Mhz

Elecraft K3 with 2.7 Khz 2.1 Khz 1.0Khz 400Hz 250Hz 8pole filters and internal 144 Mhz xverter 6w out

Solid state 200w linear giving 50w to drive Gs31b - 4 x 9 el LFA's at 20m

Winkeyer, Elecraft P3 with 21" SVGA display, SSB mast head pre amp with 27m ecoflex 15.

Tail twister rotator with Yaesu G550 elevation.

Heil Pro 4 headset and mic.

worked ( not including EME ) not an exact list - G, GM, GI, GW, GD, GU, GJ, EI, SM, OZ, LA, SP, D, DM, PA, ON, LX, HB9, F, EA, CT, I ,IS0, OK, OE, HA, YU, OM, LZ, EA9, LY, UB, UA, 9H, OH, ES, ON, SV, S5, YO, ER, 9A, EA6, EW, Z35, EA8, OH0, OJ0B

Current set up on 50Mhz

IC746 with Elecraft KPA500

2 x 5 el LFA's at 16m

UR5WCE 144 Mhz FSK

About me

Started as SWL and then became G8GPP on 4th Sept 1972 running 9 watts of AM with crystal controlled TX

to jaybeam 8 over 8 el.

G4CDN - 1970's 14 el parabeam at 68 ft at QRA locator AM18D = J002SS

Started life on HF with a KW2000B and 3 element Mustang tri bander at 60 ft.

worked HF from 4U1ITU - 2m HB0/G4CDN/P

GM/G4CDN/P isle of Bute wkd YU on 2m E's 10w SSB on a halo just after we had packed away the 2m contest station, with G4DML and G8FUF now G4FUF.

I love CW but never find it easy, so if you have worked me on CW sri !!


Header picture/QSL card shows take off to the East at 6m ASL.

QSL - Richard Banester, The St Catfield, Gt Yarmouth, NR29 5AZ UK.